Jāas: JavaScript as a Service

Pronounced like yass

Keeping up with the JavaScript ecosystem is hard – there are countless frameworks and new ones are released daily. It is not sustainable to always learn about the latest and greatest and be productive.

Jāas is the service you need to both use the latest JavaScript technology and have time to hit your deadlines.

What is Jāas?

Jāas abstracts away the abstractions created by JavaScript libraries, frameworks, toolchains, compilers, and linters so you can enjoy the benefits of being on the bleeding edge without having to learn about them.

You can write JavaScript like it's 1998, and Jāas will turn it into modern type-safe, modular, and maintainable JavaScript that uses the hottest new libraries to accomplish the same thing.

Now you can choose exactly how hip you are.

  1. Write all the crappy JavaScript that you secretly want to.

    div.innerHTML += '<span>Order Purchased</span>';
  2. Upload it to Jāas, select the target libraries you want to use, and get back modern code that wouldn't have worked last week.

      {purchased ? <span>Order Purchased</span> : <button>Submit</button>}
  3. Publish a post on your company's engineering blog about how "switching" to the latest thing was good for some metrics but not others. And we've got just the template blog posts for each framework to get you started!

How does Jāas benefit me?

Team multiplier

Using Jāas is like having a team member that knows all the buzz words and jumps on every bandwagon.

Appear informed

Jāas knows about the latest trends in the convoluted world of JavaScript. Don't waste time bothering with the details, but you can be sure to have the most vocal part of the Internet behind your back.

Up to date

It doesn't matter whether React or Angular is trending on GitHub, you can rest assured you are always using the trendiest.

We'll even notify you when your code has been running for too long without bugs.

Talking points

When you use the new tech Jāas brings, you can tell everyone about it. Display logos of toolchains on your company's hiring page, or sprinkle buzzwords into recruiting emails – it's your call. After all, you are now actually using it all.


Jāas has a simple pay-as-you-go pricing. We charge per line of code known-to-be incoherently new (LOCKIN). If we don't transform your code to something you don't understand, it's on us.

So last year

  • $10 per 1000 LOCKINs
  • Only frameworks released more than 12 months ago
  • Supports ES5
  • Supports Internet Explorer 6

So fresh & so clean

  • $20 per 1000 LOCKINs
  • All current versions of major frameworks and not a single version earlier
  • No Internet Explorer Support
  • Free "Download Chrome for best experience" badge


  • $50 per 1000 LOCKINs
  • None of the features legacy from the other two plans
  • Only supports unstable trunk versions of major libraries
  • (New!) Support for libraries announced exclusively on Hacker News where the author claims to have created it in a weekend or less

Frequently asked questions

Not everyone is ready for the future so swiftly. Here is why you shouldn't be a hater.

How does Jāas actually work? Is this vaporware?

When you write any old school JavaScript, just run it as you normally would, either in your browser or on a potato. Jāas will detect the underlying operations done at the DOM or operating system level and reconstruct sensible components using new frameworks to do exactly the same thing, but with more lines of code and more dependencies.

How can I debug modern JavaScript if I don't know how it works?

The same as you would if you didn't use Jāas.

Bloat is a concern. Does Jāas make the page load slower or use more resources?

Yes, it's included in all our plans.

Join literally dozens of hipsters

Jāas makes learning the fundamentals of things seem like the Grunt of 2016.

Software Engineer, Google

Our productivity has increased 5x since we outsourced the constant elitism and framework measuring.

Software Engineering Manager, Airbnb

Attracting top-notch engineers no longer feels like bait and switch now that we don't have to lie about our technology. Jāas allows us to focus on what really matters, hitting our targets for physically identifiable diversity.

Recruiter, Uber

With ❤ from Oliver Zheng

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